What We Do

Our clients are unique, so our approach to supporting your success will also be unique. However there are some common but critical issues that we help family businesses face and resolve.

Professionalizing The Business

We guide our clients in creating fully integrated operating and management systems…READ MORE

Help With Family Dynamics and Communications

Because of their complex nature, family dynamics are hard to see from the inside. Yet their condition is critical because they carry over into the family business. READ MORE

 Succession Planning

Whether yours is a family enterprise or closely a held business it is never too early to begin a succession planning process. READ MORE

Family Business Peer Meetings

We conduct small peer-learning groups comprised of family members from different families… READ MORE

Because of their complexity, family businesses benefit from a wide range of expertise. We work with and orchestrate experts–either your own or qualified professionals we know–in the areas of:

                • Estate planning
                • Fiscal management
                • Business valuation
                • Pension planning
                • Entrepreneurial/small business growth
                • Organizational development
                • Family therapy