“Rick stimulates my thinking and reframes my perspective. He combines a high degree of professionalism with relational sensitivity, and has the ability to help people see clearly what matters most in their lives and then guides them to the decisions that will lead them to maximum effectiveness and fulfillment. He creates a space in which one can openly and honestly explore the dilemmas, questions, and choices that confront every leader. He listens with insight, asks penetrating questions, and gives the encouragement needed to make decisions and take actions.”
Edward A. Founder, A. Business Institute

“Rick is an outstanding listener and a fantastic problem-spotter. He has had the uncanny ability to zero-in quickly on and identify key issues and obstacles to his clients’ success.”
Mikel H.. Attorney

“Rick has been absolutely invaluable. I think of him as the therapist for my business. He always seems to ask the right questions to help me step back and look at my business more objectively. Since working with him I have more than doubled the income of my business, and I owe a lot of that success to him.”
Irene Z., President, private social services organization

“Rick is exactly the kind of business advisor and coach any growing business needs. His expansive and creative approach helps get that big picture view of your business that is hard to get sitting in the business owner’s seat. His approach to business consulting mates well with my approach to computer consulting and I find him highly capable of honing in on specific issues and working them out practically and capably. I highly recommend him to any one owning a business or thinking of doing so.”
Patrick R., President information technologies firm

“I have a 50 percent increase in income after working with Rick…
He helped me target opportunities and I became more productive.”
Charles L., Civil Engineer