How We Work

Whether you are a first-generation founder or a third-generation CEO,
our goal is to help your business and family prosper and grow.

The Discovery Phase

We begin by learning what you and your family ultimately want.

The needs of each family and each business are unique. We tailor our approach and engage specific resources to address these needs

During the discovery phase, we assess family and business dynamics to clarify the current situation. We identify the strengths of the family as a whole and those of individual family members. We identify and clarify conflicts that may be smoldering under the surface. We learn their goals and the challenges they must face to meet them.

What Happens Next?

Through in-person meetings we provide advise, coaching, consultation, feed-back and more. We are with you as a sounding-board and as support for your actions and interactions between you and stakeholders in your family, your business, and your life.

We guide you through the best-management practices of successful multi-generational family enterprises. We will introduce you to and facilitate the conversations that you need to have to address your challenges. We will continually assess your needs and with your consent, bring in additional resources to assist in the achievement of your goals.