Family Dynamics and Communications

Because of their complex nature, family dynamics are hard to see from the inside. Yet their condition is critical because they carry over into the family business.

“I’ve been fired twice by my dad”

These words were the first I heard from a new client. They point out a clear break in the lines of communication, and its damage to the harmony and working relationships within this family firm.

This type of breakdown is not uncommon. It is a systemic difficulty that can threaten the very survival of the business with negative financial consequences for the entire family.

Communication is key

Successful multi-generational family businesses have open,
honest, ongoing communications. We help our clients solve
a range of communications disconnects.pic6

We help our clients look at how the family is functioning, identify their internal challenges and teach best practices for building harmony. Specific areas we help our clients address are:

  • Developing understanding of the nature and sources of conflict within the family
  • Developing stronger communication skills and relationships to support family, management and ownership systems
  • Developing communication processes for family needs, emotional concerns and work-life balance stability