Fear or Dreams

Seth Godin recently wrote in a blog that motivators for important actions come down to either fear or dreams http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/09/dreams-and-fears.html.

Godin is writing from the perspective of how marketing is positioned. Fear and dreams are equally strong motivators in family businesses, especially during times of impending transition.

Both parents and children can experience fears of being left out, of lack of purpose, inadequacy, being rejected, not being needed, becoming powerful, supplanting a parent, loss of financial security, or dying.

Dreams focus on the future and help us see beyond our fears. The catalyst for a successful transition lies in the answers to: When your grandchildren take over, what do you want for your family and business? What do you want your children to be like? What do you want your family and business to look like? How do you want them to be standing with respect to others and within their community?

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