“A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”

Quote attributed to economist and entrepreneur Paul Michael Romer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Romer.

It’s natural behavior that when things are good, business is growing and we are making money, we pay less attention to costs. It’s a time when expenses can creep upwards, but don’t matter significantly. Eventually though, they may get out of hand precipitating a crisis; which is, in Romer’s view, a terrible thing to waste.

I often use the metaphor of going down a river on a raft and encountering unexpected rapids. How do you react? In the rush of adrenaline do you panic, freeze up? Or do you act to maintain control–tie down what you need and discard what you don’t; keep the front of the raft headed downstream; steer away from rocks. In this crisis your ride down the rapids can be debilitating, even disastrous. Or it can be safely negotiated, even exciting, exhilarating–an experience that leaves you stronger to meet challenges ahead.