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Are you part of a family business?

— Concerned about stability and harmony within your business and your family? — Determined to preserve the wealth you’ve created with the transition to the next generation? — Envisioning your business carried into the future not only by your children but by your children’s children?

 Do you recognize yourself in the concerns of some of the people we have helped?

Jim S.  Whose dad delegated tasks to him and his cousin before semi-retiring, but failed to give decision-making authority; and now the business is faltering. Steve F.  Whose two sons want to enter the successful business he started, but whose own experience of growing up in a family business worries him.
John C.  A fourth-generation CEO who wants to retire in 5 years but has not yet discussed with other family members who would take over. Paul G.  A second-generation business owner whose son came back into the family business after a successful career elsewhere, and is now trying to make changes too fast and too soon. 
Chris W.  Whose father has fired him twice. Four second-generation siblings:  Among whom ownership in the family business was distributed equally regardless of their role or experience in the business.


Challenges inherent in mixing business and family can be devastating.


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