We make family businesses work, for everybody.

Are you part of a family business concerned about stability and harmony of the business and the family … about preserving the wealth you’ve created as you turn over the family business to the next generation, … or perhaps hoping for the business being carried on not only by your children but your children’s children.
Are you like some of the people we have helped:

  • Jim S. whose dad delegated tasks to him and his cousin before semi-retiring, but gave no decision-making authority, and now the business is faltering?
  • John C, fourth-generation CEO, who wants to retire in 5 years but has not yet discussed with other family members who would take over?
  • Chris W. who has been fired twice by his father?
  • Steve F. whose two sons want to enter the successful business he started, but whose experience growing up in a family business  worries him.
  • Members of a second-generation family business in which ownership was distributed equally among all four siblings regardless of their role or experience in the business.
Challenges inherent to mixing business and family can be devastating.
As the founder of a first-generation business, or head of a third-generation family business, your focus may be on the singular goal of achieving success of the business.

Most critical issues facing family businesses, however, are family-based issues more so than they are business-based issues.

Needed, for long-term success, is a way for the family to also develop and grow the family in the context of the leadership of the business, rather than just about the business.

“Building a family business so that it continues takes ongoing dialogue across generations about their vision for the company.”

You want a family business
in which:

  • There are established and recognized policies – know to family members as well as non-family manages for hiring of family members in the business.
  • The successor wants to lead from a place of knowing and loving the business.
  • The successor has the respect of family members as well as the no-family managers in the business.
  • There is a distinction between fair and equal in the regarding children.
  • Allows you to have balance and more enjoyment in your life.

Our clients have found:

  • How to have a successful transition in ownership and leadership in family enterprise and maintain harmony in the family
  • A vision for the family as well as the business
  • A shared sense of accountability among family members based on defined roles.
  • That a prosperous business is a requirement of a prosperous family.

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